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Only a young man who is pursuing a vision will actually quit his job and throw his entire being into making a new product for which there is no market, and keep at it despite losing money on disappointing initial sales. Fortunately for the world of snowboarding as it now exists, Jake Burton Carpenter was such a young man. His certainty that the sport would succeed overcame the formidable obstacles to growth, and his pursuit of his dream helped spawn a whole new sport and a new industry.

Burton was smitten with the dream of snowboarding as a young man, when he rode a "Snurfer" and saw the potential for something more free and more fun than snow skiing. His whole life has been focused on getting more people to share that dream, and the result is the Burton Snowboards company we see today. Burton simply never accepted the initial rejection of snowboarding by ski resorts and even by Snurfer competitions. He was not deterred by the complete lack of a distribution network, nor by the unavailability of any instruction for new snowboarders, nor disappointing early sales or even a threatened withdrawal of financial support. A rational person might have seen those obstacles and abandoned the whole enterprise, but a man pursuing a vision is not always rational, just always focused.

The focus at Burton Snowboards is on snowboard riders and riding, and it is reflected in the company policy of providing lift tickets to employees and closing down when the snow is deep so that the staff can go snowboarding. Ensuring that the people who develop, build, inspect, and test new snowboards are themselves riders keeps the company fresh and involved in the changing techniques and technologies as the sport of snowboarding continues to evolve.

Burton has developed and adopted several new technologies for their state of the art snowboard line. Today's boards feature sturdy engineered grain wood cores, except for the Burton T6 and the Burton Vapor, both of which feature an aluminum honeycomb "Alumafly" core. The top of the line Burton Method has a composite core including Alumasuperfly, titanium edge strips, and carbon fiber skin. To achieve infinitely adjustable stance width and foot positioning and angle, Burton has introduced the new Infinite Channel System (ICS) for mounting bindings to snowboards. To ensure ride quality right out of the bag, each board is inspected for defects and then tuned by Moto Man, Burton's specially programmed robotic snowboard tuner.

In addition to the central snowboard business, Burton offers many snowboarding accessories and a wide selection of boots, bindings, jackets, and other gear. Burton has also started and acquired various subsidiary companies in related businesses, including the Analog clothing line, Gravis footwear, and Channel Islands surfboards.

A quick look at the Burton website shows that the company currently offers 45 snowboard models. The top shelf aluminum honeycomb Alumafly and Alumasuperfly cored boards, the Method, Vapor, and T6, represent the state of the art in production boards today. For those who prefer the feel and price of a wood core, Burton offers the Custom and Custom X, Fish, Jussi, Joystick, Love, Operator, Hero, Dominant, Mayhem, Bullet, Supermodel, Clash, Deuce, Twin, Guru, Blunt, Malolo, X8, Easy Livin, Jeremy, Fix, ConDom, Flying V and more. Each one sports head-turning graphics and whether you like riding the back country or jibbing in the parks, Burton makes a snowboard for you.

For those interested in environmentally friendly snowboard manufacturing, Burton introduced the Eco Nico, made with  a sustainably harvested wood core and mostly recycled materials. The board is finished with a laquer-free top sheet. As with the bamboo cored Salomon Sick Stick and the K2 Zero, the Eco Nico is a response to market demand from snowboarders for a quality ride with minimal environmental impact. Look for more of this trend in the future.

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